Start Up (Black Screen/ect) and Performance Problems

By aspinn
Nov 21, 2007
  1. I have a feeling this is in the wrong section so if it is please move it (and feel free to yell at me)

    Im having two problems with my computer.... the first which has been going on for the last 2 months is:

    Im having a horrible time with my computer latly. It is an acer laptop Aspire 3620 series with windows XP. This has been going on for a few months but latly i have found my laptop freezes up, and becomes impossible to use. For some reason whenever i attempt to run a single program (IE,Firefox, MSN, photoshop ect) i have the whole thing begin to freeze were my mouse refuses to move and i cannot do anything. My only choice is usualy to end the proccess (Ctr+alt+Del). I notice this has been happening more and more. Everything just to seems to have slowed down. Before i could run multiple programs, firefox (4-5 tabs open) msn and even photoshop CS2 all at once and have very minimal problems. I have tried reformating my harddrive multple times (Reseting it to the factory defualts), which leaves me with the bare minum on my computer and yet i still have these problems.... is there anything that i can do to fix this? is this XP or hardware? should i look at getting a new computer or?

    My second problem:

    Which is a brand new problem that has accorred on every bootup within the is past 4 days everytime i boot up my computer it goes from the windows black loading screen (were the green thingies go back and forth) for 30seconds (normal) THEN (this never happened before) it goes to a black sceen with my mouse (which i can move) for a good 5-8mins then finnaly it goes to my welcome screen for another 2mins then it FINNALY gets into my desktop and takes another 3-5mins just to load everything. Finnaly by the time its ready to use a good 10-15mins have past. And sense im in class 15mins results in me loosing out on the key parts of a lecture (taking notes) This wasnt like this a few days ago im not sure if this xp doing this? or is it my hardware? or could it be something to with the software.

    Sorry i am a complete noob at this lol. Should i reformat my harddrive? or is there a way to fix it without having to resort to that? or is it my hardware that is causing this if soshould i look at getting a new computer? or? well thank you for reading all that lol thanks!

    and once again if this is in the wrong section yell at me =D
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Try a Windows repair... The laptop should have the utilities to do an OS restore

    I would have put this in th Mobile Computing Forum... but no biggy
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