start up lag/mottled graphics/cant see info at startup

By beanknotty
Jan 30, 2006
  1. I will try and be short...(famous last words of a woman)
    pc was giving me problem on restart (not first morning boot) by displaying xp welcome screen and log in screen in elongated checkers of actual screen and mottled colors. PSU was old, seemed the culprit. Replaced it with a cheapy off ebay....first day worked great and then new psu was whining and went back to mottled, checked screen. Sent back, capacitor was bad, paid for upgrade. Installed new (no name upgraded wattage) psu...same thing. So I have a box with a mad dog psu in it (almost new) and I am not using the box. I moved my motherboard, drives, cards and HD over to the box. Worked great- much quieter psu. Work for 2 hours went to reboot and back to original problem. I noticed today when it was working that some icons were missing but the names were there. I also noticed when trying to get into my bios to change boot up settings to boot from cd so i could do a repair...that my first screen no longer goes through the list of all my bios and chipset info (what ever that boot screen is called). It is black and then goes straight to XP welcome. I cannot start in safe mode as I cant get to it. I have run AVG, adaware and spybot with no alarming results. I am about to go mad over this. Is it possibley a bad motherboard or cpu? But when I let it sit for a spell and start it, it starts fine (sans the regular startup scrolling screen and a few icons). Only when I restart does it got to hangover graphics. Help?
  2. 6swans

    6swans TS Rookie

    It sounds like it could be your video heating up or just plain giving out. If it has a small cooling fan check and see if its turning or not. I had one worked for a bit then went crazy, replaced it with a new cheapy from Compusa and everything was fine.
  3. beanknotty

    beanknotty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I should have mentioned that the card was a thought and I previously looked to see if the fan was running - it was spinning like a champ - so I disregarded that idea. After you posted I though maybe a bad card? Which I love my ATI cards so I assume they never go bad. I took the card out and went back to onboard video thru the motherboard and wah lah - problem solved! Card was bad! Thanks for your post!!!!
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