Start-up problem, please help me

By jamie.benstead ยท 5 replies
Oct 24, 2005
  1. When I start my computer up it loads things like normal then freezes. I can still use the mouse but when I click on things nothing happens. I cannot even open start menu. I found that while the computer is loading I can open things, so I done a virus check and it found no viruses. I next used adware to see if there was anything like that, well that froze after about 10mins. What is wrong and what can I do?
  2. meatologist

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    it must be a dodgy process or driver:

    boot into safe mode:

    check event viewer to see if any errors have been logged:;en-us;308427&sd=tech

    use msconfig to see what is starting up:;en-us;310560

    search for any process names you dont recognise:

    If you see some processes that are weird - check them out - if they are naughty malicious processes - get rid of them via msconfig

    Also try reinstalling your graphics card drivers.

    Let me know how you get on
  3. jobeard

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    did you recently install new RAM? A friend's eMachine had this symptom and removing the 'new' ram solved the freezing.
  4. kirock

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    A few standard things to check for computer lock-ups:
    1) PSU. (is it dieing, or did you add extra equipment which is drawing more power then unit can supply)
    2) Disconnect any USB peripherals (HOT pluggable HDD, etc)
    3) CPU overheating, check fan, heatsink, clean dust, open case use eternal fan for cooling to try theory.
    4) of course it could be a virus or some weird driver conflict. Turn off all unnecessary programs in Start-up menu.
    5) If all else fails!!!!!: Increase Vcore (i.e. CPU voltage) by 0.05 volts in BIOS menu. (be careful of CPU temps if you do this, more voltage means more heat generated.)
  5. jamie.benstead

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    It was a process. My computer was full of crap anyway so I formatted my harddrive... Fresh start, good things seem different lol
  6. kirock

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    Or you can ...just format the sucker. :) Good stuff, glad to hear you got it going.
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