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Sep 23, 2004
  1. I've been advised to to make a startup disk, [floppy] to back-up Windows & start my PC in case of a Windows problem, but when I go to Add/Remove Programmes, I'm told to go to the "Startup Disk tab, but I can't see this there, I have had a good look!

  2. Masque

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    Maurice, if you're running XP there is no such option. If you're running Millenium or any 9X, then it'll be there.

    P.S.--Having fun with the avatars, are you? ;)
  3. theafrican

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    You can download bootdisks at this link:

    These are programs that will create bootdisks. Download the one for your OS to your hard drive and then double-click it to install. Follow the instructions.
  4. StormBringer

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  5. iss

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  6. StormBringer

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    The site I linked to has options for CD bootdisks or floppy bootdisks, as well as just about any type of bootable disk you'd ever need
  7. Maurice

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    Thanks, iss & StormBringer, I did attempt to use a floppy as a startup disk but Iaborted, as it said six were needed, I forgot to remove the floppy, so, when I next booted up, I was alarmed to see a black screen, covered in script, saying "strike any key" etc., in a bit of a flap, I tried a couple of times, then took the floppy out, & it came up with the normal screen, I was convinced that I would have to have someone in, to fix it,.....but that's just me:giddy:
    I certainlly will try the CD-R alternatives, thanks again, guys!:hotbounce

  8. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994 has alot of resources the only problem I hve with it is that he now requires you to "donate" before you get acess to download some of the freeware.
  9. TailoredSystems

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    Your Windows XP CD ROM supplied with the system is bootable.
    If your Windows XP installation gets screwed up you can often recover your operatiing system by booting from the CD and using the 'repair' facility.
    This can be a little confusing if tried as if you select repair from the initial XP Boot screen from the CD you will be presented with loads of DOS that means little, however if a repair is needed I can talk you thru it on the phone or do the repair for you free of charge.

  10. Maurice

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    Thanks Glen, I'll keep that in mind, that's very good of you:D
    Also, I believe there is a Windows recovery facility in my system, can I save this to a CD, & use that, is this a simpler solution, that will not involve your very welcome help, or am I mistaken?

  11. bluemtn290

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    Does EVERY system come with a Windows XP disc? The only discs I have are the HP system recovery discs. Can I get the Windows discs somehow/somewhere?
  12. AdrianScotter

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    Hi Bluemtn290, unfortunately, no, not every system comes with a 'proper' Windows media CD. Lots of the bigger companies only supply recovery CD media which is basically an image of the newly prepared (and data free incidentally) hard disk at build time. People like Dell and HP only supply this type of recovery where as small(er) PC companies tend to supply the OEM version of the operating system installed although we prepare the PC's in a similar way. It would not be cost effective to supply the 'proper' media by the big boys. This 'economy of scale' is why their systems are cheaper than us little people but why we can give a much more personal and tailored system without the need for premium rate telephone support and the 'couldn't care less' attitude toward your data. Yes, you really do get what you pay for. Regards, Adrian.
  13. StormBringer

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    AdrianScotter, FYI, Dell DOES supply an actual Windows Install disc with their systems as well as a separate disc with all the drivers and any additional discs depending on the software purchased on the system(or did up until July of this year) and you can still request one on the newer builds from tech support if you want. They stopped supplying them as part of the MRI(Media Reduction Initiative) They now have a restoration partition on the drive, but all discs are still available if you request them.
  14. AdrianScotter

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    I stand corrected. I don't buy PC's (I build and supply PC's) so I go on what I see in customers homes. Most of the stuff I see comes only with recovery media. Mind you, I do see that you are in Alabama, perhaps it's different in the US. We're always different to everyone else in the UK (usually for the worse). Regards

  15. bluemtn290

    bluemtn290 TS Rookie

    Thanks AdrianScotter and StormBringer. So, does that mean that if I contact HP they will be able to supply me with the Windows startup CD?
  16. Maurice

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    It's OK, Didou, & realblackstuff, I shan't be going through my welcoming speech to these two, po-faced & humourless, that's me in future.
  17. StormBringer

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    bluemtn290, I don't know what HP's policy is. I know Dell's policy because its part of my job to know that.
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