Stealth P2P Network inside KaZaa to be activated soon

By Didou
Apr 28, 2002
  1. The spyware created by Brilliant Digital was tested a while ago. At the time, it was detected by Firewall programs such as ZoneAlarm but apparently they've found a workaround. Many times, they stated that the full time "service" would be started at the end of April.

    For tech savy people like the ones here, this won't be much of a problem, there will probably be a way to shut down the spyware but for the ordinary KaZaa user, he might never know of its existence.

    Here are a few links on the subject.

    Broadband News Stealth P2P Network Hides Inside Kazaa

    Spyware, In a Galaxy Near You

    Kazaa Download Offers Unexpected Feature

    Kazaa subscription option in the works
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