Steam refuses to sell "pickup artist" FMV game Super Seducer 3


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Most of the garbage this guy proposes, you can only do if you are a non - working parasite.
Now if he can't sell his stupid game, maybe he will have to get a real job
Let's see then how much time and money he will have for his hairstyle, clothing, perfumes AND chasing women around


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CallMeKevin did some hilarious videos on this series, I can't quite be sure if they're being truly oblivious a la The Room or tongue in cheek a la Sharknado.

Why Valve is deciding to go on a moralistic crusade at a time when their position is under threat from multiple fronts by the slimy, greasy likes of Epic and EA, I have no idea.
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Wouldnt they be loosing many millions if they getting no sale stores out there ?
nude ity in games blood. everthing getting banned. remebering doom carmageddon series. green blood and robots LOL. stopt this non sencnce NOW. even a girl on a plane ww 1 2 was banned. and that cat heatcliff was banned in animated. pusur whith his many hair doo from girls downstairs LOL. now if a old man getting his ake for not have this one on steam we greet it to tpb proxy NOW. 1st game banned is a lol. who sits and ban movies games books and so on. must BE FUN drinking too.
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