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Apr 5, 2006
  1. I'm currently running Windows Xp home edition. in the past, i've always been using the account with administrator access. Now, I'm created another limited account, which I use. I installed Steam (used for games) on the adminstrator account. I can run it fine there. However, when i goto the limited account, and i try to open Steam it gives me an error that says:

    "Steam.exe(main exception): Unable to write to the current Steam application folder. Please move Steam to a folder where you have write privelages."

    So, i uninstalled it in the administrator account, and logged back onto the limited one, and tried to install there. During the installation, it stops saying i dont have privelages and wont let me install.

    Are there some settings i need to change or something?

    I dont know if this falls under this section, sorry if it doesn't.
  2. Tedster

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    some programs require admin rights. Yours might.
  3. Spike

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    It's most likely trying to access the document directory of the admin account.

    A solution may be to make the limited account administrative, install steam, on it, and then reduce it back to limited.
  4. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    you don't want to make the limited account admin just make a part of the power user group and you should be ok.. if you have two admin accounts in windows xp the second one that you make replaces the first one and the only way to get back to the first one is to click outside the windows logon and gray out the sign in then hit ctrl alt delet twice to change the login info.. so just make it part of the power users group and you shoud be fine cause that will make it to where that account has read and write privilages
  5. Spike

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    That's not true. Maybe it is if you're talking about the unnamed default account, but you can have as many administrative accounts as you like - on Home or Pro. On home, there are no power users either. It's far easier to go to the users in control panel than it is to create power users - at least if you're an average user.
  6. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    i am sorry about that mate thought his post said xp pro.. and yes i understand the undamed account part just didn't say that in the post..i am sometimes too use to ppl who already know what i mean.. i am an IT Admin for 900 employees and there is 10 of us in here and sometimes my words get the better of me..good luck mate..steam rules
  7. Spike

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    he he - no problem. Sometimes the words just don't come out right :p I know this as well as anyone (ask my ex! lol)
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