Still no sound coming from my speakers....please help

By nwelch2
Nov 16, 2005
  1. I am running Windows 98SE and recently reformatted, added more ram and a new hard drive. After all this was done, I downloaded winamp 5.1 and while the program runs, no sound will come out of my speakers. I went to the gateway suport website, entered my computer serial number and downloaded the drivers for my Soundblaster Live Sound card (model #CT4830). In the mix of changing settings, now i am unable to even open winamp and it gives me this wave output error "Another program is using your soundcard. Please change out device (in Waveout plugin configuration), switch to DirectSound output (in Winamp preferences/plug-ins/output) or get a sound card which can play multiple streams."

    What in the world do I do to fix this problem?

  2. you could always try uninstalling winamp, then do a fresh download and reinstall it. i had a similar problem with winamp, i think there was an interuption in the download and it didnt install alll of the files onto the pc.

    Just a thought, but its worth a try.

  3. nwelch2

    nwelch2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That was next on my list after I switched my card to another pci slot and reloaded all the original drivers. Then my wireless internet went out. hahahhaa ooooh man this blows.
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