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Stop: 0x00000000a Irql_not Less_or_equal

By turks
Oct 2, 2006
  1. Hi, recently I started downloading and installing some pending windows automatic updates my computer needed. After the last installation, I reboot my computer and now every time I try to access any of the users in my computer, I get the blue screen with the STOP Error message. It wont even load explorer.exe sometimes. I already check for viruses so im guessing is something else. Already read lots of tutorials and faqs in windows website but nothing had help me. Im not getting a specific error adress like on some other posts i saw with the same problem. After all the "If this your first time..... and disable some BIOS options like caching and shadow...." I get this:

    STOP: 0X0000000A (0X73467456, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804E524D).

    I dont get any **Address 0xZZZZZZZZ has base at <address>- <driver name>", so I dont know which driver is malfunctioning. I found a forum thread of a guy that has almost an identical problem and can be found here:

    The only thing that changes is the first parameter in the "STOP: 0X0000000A (0XZZZZZZZZ). Mine is "0X73467456".

    Really appreciate it if you could help me resolve this issue because I really cant format my PC because I didnt backup any of my files. Thank you very much in advance for any type of suggestion.
  2. alexzk

    alexzk TS Rookie

    I am having a similar problem that seemed to start after the recent Microsoft update that downloaded and installed early last week (about 10/9/06). I am starting to suspect the Microsoft sent out a patch that has broken some installations.

    I occasionally get the IRQL_NOT _LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen of death. It seems to be related to me using my USB based wifi card on my laptop.

    I am using a Compaq N410C laptop with a built in USB 1.1 wireless adapter (Compaq WL200). I haven't had the problem with the adapter disabled. But when I enable it and use it the problem will occasionally occur.

    I have run a complete memory check and found no problems with memory on my system.

    What are your system hardware specifications for the system that is having this problem?
  3. I had this a few days ago when testing some memory at a CAS latency of 2.0, altering this to 2.5 seems to have resolved the problem. It can appear as the result of defective, incompatible hardware, software, drivers or memory, or even from a CPU that is overheating.

    It could also be due to your paging file being corrupted. Try this in order to attempt to resolve this:

    1) Right click 'My Computer', click Properties
    2) Click on 'advanced' tab
    3) 'Settings' button
    4) Click on the the 'advanced' tab
    5) Click the 'change' button under 'virtual memory' section
    6) Click on "no paging file" and click 'set' and 'yes'
    7) 'Ok' out of it
    8) Reboot
    9) Follow steps 1 - 5 again
    10) Click 'system managed size', click the 'set' button and 'yes'
    11) 'Ok' out of it
    12) Reboot

    This erases and rewrites a new page file.
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