STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}!

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Sep 6, 2005
  1. Hello I'm James,

    When I turned on my computer I remembered the Scandisk (or disk check?) was running when it was booting up. Usually I just skip it but this time I let it run and it was also running fine last night. After it finished the blue screen:
    poped up before the login window showed. I've tried to get in with safe mode and other selections from the f-8 menu but all lead to the blue screen. I've rebooted alot of times and found a similar solution Here with my other computer. But I can't get in to use command prompt so... right now I guess I can only use Windows XP Recovery Center to somehow solve it.

    Oh and my computer is a Compaq with Windows Xp Prof.. if you need anymore info ask.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. deathofrage

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    I'm in the Recovery Console but when I type:
    nothing happens
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    Hello I know that there has to be a way of doing this because I'm sure others have had the same issue. I am in the recovery console also and I try using deathofrage's link up top to fix my issue and nothing happens same as him am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or something to help me?

    thanks in advance and sorry didn't mean to bump an old thread.
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    Bluescreen with status c000021a and Status 0xc0000135

    I had the same problem as described above. For all German speaking people read:

    For the rest of you I'll try to explain.

    I uninstalled the software FritzDSL from the computer. After the uninstallation Windows XP did not start anymore. I got a bluescreen with some text like status c000021a and 0xc0000135 etc.
    I just copied all missing DLL-files from the windows\system32 folder from a working computer to the windows\system23 folder on the damaged computer. I had to plug the one harddisk into an external case. For the identification of the missing files i used SyncToy. I did not overwrite any files - just copied 90 of 1300 .DLL files from one computer to the other.

    After that everything works fine again.
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