STOP Error, Please Help!

By Riudo
May 18, 2007
  1. ive been having alot of trouble the last month or so with everything from instant messengers, to full screen games such as "world of warcraft" and many other popular games crashing at random, sometimes crashing the entire pc, it sometimes will crash as soon as i open, or an hour later, its always random, it doesnt seem to matter, but anything full screen crashes more often then the rest, it finally got bad enough that i disabled auto restart and i received this message on the blue screen of death.

    stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x80570437, 0xb5e80760, 0x00000000)

    i have reported the crashes to microsoft and i have received differient information such as my ATI graphics card being the cause, sometimes there is no information available, i have tried updating my BIOS and my Display Adapters, as well as uninstalling the display adapters and reinstalling, i have even tried updating/reinstaling drivers for anything graphics related, i dont seem to have a problem running anything high graphics or low graphics, nor is my computer being slow, just crashing randomly, if anyone can possibly help me out i woulde be most apprecitive.
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    thank you, im looking in to both of these threads, woulde appreciate any information anyone else has for this topic, and will be sure to post asap if any of the posts solve or help solve my problem.


    ive checked both links, i do not have XP cd and i am a little confused on how to boot the way described, so i am not sure if the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\pe386" is there or not, also the other link i do not think it is really related to my issue seeing it is about a Vista error and i am on XP OS, i did a format a few minutes ago to fix a driver i noobishly uninstalled and coulde not reinstall, ive ran a few applications full screen that normally crash VERY often, and in ceartain area's as well, so far no crashes in those games, but my msn messenger crashed unexpectedly, i am not sure if the problem is fixxed so i woulde greatly appreciate any input into this issue, also i was unable to run a memory test to test my ram, i do not know how to partition my drive, and i do not have any floppy's/cd's nearby, i beleive i have some minidumps about 32 to be exact, and i woulde be happy to put my system specs up as well but i am new to fixxing and changing things past simple fixxes to noobish problems, also if you coulde respond "if you know" woulde a full system format remove the pe386? anyways sorry for the huge poorly written paragraph, please do reply, thank you!


    i just a few minutes after my last edit encountered another crash, much worse this time than before, no error message or anything, only the game not pc, so it cant be my drivers, im thinking myabe my Hardware is either going bad or possibly a virus/spyware, i am unable to find anything in my scans, although i do have an error when i startup windows where my antispyware program crashes, this is recent, again as said above any input woulde be greatly appreciated, Thank You!


    i just received a new stop error upon a crash, i crashed when "signing out" of msn messenger

    stop: 0x0000001a (0x00041284, 0xd1735000, 0x00004976, 0xc0c00000)

    i have not been able to find any reference to 0x0000001a, any input woulde be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
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