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By Quipster
Mar 1, 2007
  1. Hey guys !

    I recently built a new computer, with the works... G-Force 8800, 2Gig Ram, 320GB HD, 22 inch monitor... etc. When I ordered the parts from memory express ( I requested an extra fan, to be placed in my case (Antec 900 Gamer Case) The fan itself has a blue LED inside, which at this moment is lit up. In my eyes, that would rule out a power/cable problem, however, the fan still does not spin. It has a variable speed control, which has 3 settings, low, med, high. It is set to low. There are a total of 7 fans in the system, 4 on the case (include the one that wont spin) then one on the video card, the CPU fan, and the power supply fan. The power supply is a 550W Mushkin. I am uncertain whether it is that the computer is cool enough, and does not require the use of the fan, or perhaps the power supply does not have enough juice to run it. Or, perhaps it is a loose wire. I can post the full specs of the system if needed. Thanks for your help! :)
  2. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    If the power supply did not have enough juice to run it, the varying power requirements of the computer while in use would be guaranteed to cause it to crash from lack of power. Maybe try setting it to a higher speed setting... maybe low doesn't work properly. The other thing that could be wrong is that a wire or a piece of metal sticking out from the case might be obstructing it.
  3. Quipster

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    Yup. Turns out there was a wire stopping the blade from spinning, it was the speed control wire, ironically enough. Thats a million for the help m8. Cheers !
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