Strange Internet connection issues...

By ChiCubs05
Mar 19, 2007
  1. i recently purchased xbox live for my new 360 :D needless to say i want to be able to access internet through my computer and xbox's at the same time. i have an internet line running from the main computer's netgear wireless G router to my personal one with a netgear 4 port hub. when i connect the line to my router, and to both xbox's i can access internet on the xbox's...but not my computer problem. it is not a cable problem, as i switched them, and when i plug the line running from the wireless router directly into my computer it works fine...

    one weird thing was when i have the line plugged directly into my computer it always says a residential gateway is available. i dont know if that matters, if somebody could please help me it would be great, its annoying switching cables all around!
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