Strange Internet connection issues...

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Mar 19, 2007
  1. i recently purchased xbox live for my new 360 needless to say i want to be able to access internet through my computer and xbox's at the same time. i have an internet line running from the main computer's netgear wireless G router to my personal one with a netgear 4 port hub. when i connect the line to my router, and to both xbox's i can access internet on the xbox's...but not my computer problem. it is not a cable problem, as i switched them, and when i plug the line running from the wireless router directly into my computer it works fine...

    one weird thing was when i have the line plugged directly into my computer it always says a residential gateway is available. i dont know if that matters, if somebody could please help me it would be great, its annoying switching cables all around!
  2. jobeard

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    hum; what you write says it's wired like this:
    you can plug all devices directly to the wireless-G router without the need
    for a hub
    I think you're saying this works
    but this doesn't
    in which case, your router needs to ENABLE DHCP for both the IP and DNS addresses.
  3. tipstir

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    1. (internet)--------
    2. Cable Modem------
    3. Wrouter-----
    4-4-port Hub Switch-------xbox 360
  4. ChiCubs05

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    ok the problem is i have a 150 foot line running along the basement ceiling through the floor to my room supplying the internet to my 4 port switch. how do i enable DHCP? when connected to the router my xbox360 works fine just my computer wont. but when the computer is connected to the direct line from the basement it works fine...
  5. tipstir

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    Which Router are you using? The Router should already be in DHCP mode? Unless it's not?

    Each router should have it enabled for DHCP will display something like this as picture will be vary?
    Client Listing below

    click on image to make it bigger
  6. ChiCubs05

    ChiCubs05 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    using a Netgear rp614v2. how do i check to see if it is enabled? i did a hard reset but the router didnt have any setup i just plugged it in...thank you for helping so means alot and sorry if i seem like i dont know anything. if you ever need help modding an xbox or a 360 let me know ah ha! :)

    hey i fixed it! thanks for the help my tc/ip settings were wrong!

    now if i could only get my home network set back up over the two routers...doesnt seem to want to recognize the other computer at all
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