Strange issue with Word 2002 and passworded file

By Vigilante
Jan 25, 2007
  1. This problem is to odd to search Google for, I couldn't find anything.

    Basically, I have a DOC that I open with both Word 2002 and also 2003. And I put a password on the file.

    It works fine in 2003. But in 2002, what happens is that Word opens up, you can see the main window, and also the taskbar icon starts flashing yellow like programs do when they want attention or whatever.
    The main window itself is also flashing, the titlebar, etc...

    Now, the password prompt does not show up, everything just continues to flash indefinitely. And in the Word status bar it says "requesting virus scan...".

    Also, I can't click anything in the main window, I can't minimize or close or change focus, nothing, it just keeps flashing.

    To get out of all this is very simple. I just click the taskbar icon, which minimizes Word (but it still blinks in the taskbar), and then click it again to maximize. When Word maximizes, this time around it stops blinking, and it shows the password prompt where I can log in and it works fine.

    So for some reason, when Word opens, it doesn't show the password, but blinks instead until I minimize/maximize the window via taskbar, then suddenly the password prompt is there and all is well.

    So how do I get Word to just show the password box without this funny business first? Is the virus scan thing significant? Can I turn it off?

  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,666

    Don't wimp out on me fellas!

    I found out that his Word 2002 acts this way on any password protected file.

    If anybody has Word 2002 and XP Home (SP2), create a file and password it. Then doubleclick the new file and see how Word acts.
    I imagine it will be fine, but who knows?
  3. ok4life

    ok4life TS Rookie Posts: 16

    It may be home/sp2 issue I have had a few other apps that popup while opening a files that did that on my laptop when I had home on it. I would test for you but all I have is pro on running systems and no client systems here right now. I have word and 2003

    or Word 2003 has irm "information rights management" this should not be used just passwording a file to open but if the 2003 word had it that may have changed the way the password was applied.
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