Strange Keyboard Problem

By lastoflancas
Sep 24, 2007
  1. Hello, my name is lastoflancas and I just joined this site. I own a HP laptop.

    Basically, the keyboard sometimes stops typing certain letters, even though I clearly type the letter in.

    For example, I will type the same exact sentence above without retyping certain words:

    asically, the eyboard seties ops typin certan ltters even though I clary typ the lettr in.

    But here's the strangeness: It only occurs on the Internet. When I type it in on Microsoft Word or something, there is no problem at all.

    I am thinking maybe something happened when I deleted certain Adware or Spyware last night.

    So, can anyone help this out?
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  3. Jase123

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    I have the exact same problem.

    Works fine in notepad and that but try typing on the net and all the letters are muddled up.

    Ive got zone alarm security suite 7 cleared all virus and spyware on my computer.

    any help.

    Ive done Howards guide as well. still the same problem.

    Regards Jase
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