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Jan 14, 2005
  1. Hey all, I attached a pic of what my monitor looks like. It looks like this at all the startup screens also. It will stay like this for about 15 mins, then return to normal. I have tried reloading and getting the newest drivers for the graphics card and monitor, also tried it on my other computer. Other monitors work on both computers just fine. It makes a high pitched noise when the screen is jumbled like that, so I am thinking it may be a component problem. Of course it went out of warranty about 2 weeks before this happened so technical support was denied. Thanks for looking, any guesses?

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  2. nein

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    They all made high pitch noises when the display is like that, in typical newer monitors they simply just go blank with nothing at all or a typical message "out of range".

    Leaving it like that slightly too long will often blow out the monitors permanently. Check your video cable for poor connection, loosen, or broken pins. Hacked video BIOS also often screwed-up video outs just like that.
  3. JWeber

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    I tried wiggling the connections while the monitor was on and nothing happened.
    All pins are intact and not bent. I tried to open the case to look inside for any loose components but I removed two screws and it still wouldn't open. The monitor is a HP Pavilion mx703 if that helps. Thanks.
  4. nein

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    Your mx703 is a TFT with analog D-sub input, display problem shown is that of lost VSYNC. Some people thinks TFTs can't be damaged by wrong VSYNC settings - they are ignorant fools.

    Either the VSYNC lost is caused by poor signals from various causes - poor connections, poor grounding, etc...

    The only other cause is VIDEO BIOS or Windows typical improper VSYNC output. In this case, made sure the graphic driver recognized the monitor, or permanently forcing VSYNC overide to 640x480 @60Hz, 800x600 @60Hz, or maximum of 1024x768 @60Hz.
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    I have an IBM 9483-AG1 LCD monitor. I recently installed Red Hat Linux 9, and I believe I set it wrong then. I get a message saying 'out of range' when the GUI is initiating, but I cannot get to VSYNC settings. I still have windows installed and it works fine, as does the linux shell and the red hat installation utility. The version I have came with the Red Hat Linux 9 Bible, if that changes something.
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