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Mar 22, 2005
  1. I am in great need of help!
    After formatting ny HD a couple weeks ago (actually I formatted only the Windows XP Partition) i am experiencing some very annoying behaviour from the notorious NT Authority. The story is identical as the W32 worm behaviour, except there is not any variation of either the blaster nor the sasser worm, or any other of the W32 family. I have Norton INternet Security up-to-date, I disabled system restore, ran both the fixblast and the stinger tools in safe mode, i scanned all the partitions and the hidden-compressed-system files, and there is not any virus presence. There is something else too. While i get online, and as long as i manage to stay, the C.P.U. temperature rises to almost 60 degrees Celsius. That is the more annoying part of the problem, since my cooling programm crashes after i disconnect. I thought it was some modem malfunction, but the same modem works fine at the same system under Windows 98SE.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, since i am running out of ideas!
    Thank you all in advance, and sorry for the rather large post!
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    Check from Event Viewer if there are any errors related to this (maybe services quitting unexpectedly).

    You can also set what happens when services fail, so that for example failure with NT Authority wouldn't result in system restart.

    They're in Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services.

    Set Remote Procedure Call service's (that's NT Authority) recovery options to restart the service, increase the time for reboot, or whatever you want to.
  3. kenny81

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    It is a virus. It is called the BLASTER WORM. Best thing I suggest is to Format and Reinstall
  4. Powerline75

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    Than you both people. The fact remains that it is NOT a virus, as i scan regularly and with the latest blaster removal tools. I have already solved the shutdown process with the classic "START/RUN/shutdown -a" process. What now torubles me is the fact that my C.P.U. speed is raising at very high speed from about 45 Celsius to nearly 60 Celsius, ONLY while i get online. For example, I write Double Layer DVD-Roms and get no more than 52 Celsius (In many cases less) and I check out my mail and get 58 before i even get to junk mail! Since it is not a modem problem either (See my original post for details), I can't find what is this.
    If there is anyone who could relate this temperature behaviour with the behaviour listed in my previous post, lease give me any advise.
    Thank you all again.
  5. Powerline75

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    Final conclusion to the problem is finally at hand...
    It WAS a virus, only it was a rather annoying Blaster variation that remained RAM resident for as long as the modules could retain the data. I tried even formatting and reinstalling and there it was again... Then i remembered that i formatted and reinstalled WITHOUT any amount of time between the two processes (I usually format now and install after a couple of hours). After reformatting and reinstalling with the two-hour interval, i was fine.
    Anyway thank you all for trying and spending time for me...
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Next time just switch the PC off and disconnect the powercord for a few minutes.
    No need to wait for a couple of hours!
  7. Powerline75

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    Well, theoretically, the RAM can only sustain data for 30 seconds without power supply. BUT, the RAM modules take their power from the mainboard. That brings another timing set, because the capacitors responsible for the current stability of the installed modules and PCI cards (those not get a direct feed from the power supply) nee a rather large amount of time to discharge their stored energy. This time can vary according to the mainboard, the capacitors type and manufacturer and some other stuff. It doesn't get to 120 minutes, but I rather get too carefull than sorry (Carefull :grinthumb ) (Sorry :hotouch: )

    P.S. Yes I am a TV repair guy by the way...
    And Realblackstuff there is always a very good day for Guiness
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