Strange Problem viewing PC Monitor & TV Monitor together

Dec 13, 2007
  1. This is driving me nuts, I hope someone can help.... I connected my PC to my TV last week and everything was fine. Everything was identical on both screens. Today I connected them again, I went into Display Properties, Settings, Identify and the #1 shows up on my computer monitor and the #2 shows up on my TV screen (seems fine) - I then checked my screen saver and it shows up fine on my TV screen and so does my desktop background (seems fine right?) The problem is..... my computer icons do not show up on my TV and I have to move my cursor way off the screen to make it visible on my TV. It's so strange this did not happen last week, everything was literally identical on my PC and TV. I can't figure out what happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you hook your PC to LCD HDTV using VGA?
    On the HDTV make sure that the screen P-Wide or P-Mode are set correctly.
    On the PC side make sure on Display Control Panel that Extended View is not check. If it is check drop the view size down to 800x600 that should free up that setting. So you can adjust both 1 and 2 screen views. Make sure you match your video card settings to the max settings of your HDTV you connect to. So if your video card can do 1440x900 and the HDTV can only do 1280x1024 you need to make sure that the video card has the same settings.

    But the problem you have describe I see it all the time on users laptops. Extended view is either check or your using number 2 screen mode where you should be using number 1 screen mode.

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    More Suggetions??

    Hi, It's hooked up to a Plasma HDTV using a VGA cord. I tried what you said... changed to 800x600 and Extended View option is still grayed out so I cannot un-check it. Also made sure the settings on PC Laptop and TV 1024 x 768 do match. This is maddening!! It seems like it should be such a simple fix. Any other suggestions?
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