Strange restart/shutdown problem

By radicaledward
Jan 10, 2005
  1. Ever since I formated my hard drive about two weeks ago, my computer has been having major problems. The main symptom is random shutdown. This happens no matter what i'm doing - booting to winxp, checking out bios settings, booting to a cd. This seems to be a heating problem, however I have plenty of fans, which are all working, and it even happens when my case is open. I can't feel that much extra heat from any component, and I can't smell any burning plastic.

    My specs:
    Athlon 64 3000+
    1 gig of ram (2x256 and 1x512)
    ATI Radeon x800 pro 256 mbs
    K8T Neo mobo (very old bios)
    2x80 gig hard drives in 160 gig raid 0
    12 gig hard drive

    Let me know if you need anyother info. Bear in mind i'm having problems even getting into winxp, as it sometimes shuts down before xp is completely booted.
  2. DamageInc73

    DamageInc73 TS Rookie


    Try ruling out the power supply. Hopefully you have access to one known to be good for testing purposes. ie. "borrow" one from an office computer at work. :angel:
  3. Talon0226

    Talon0226 TS Rookie

    Question, if you have WinXp did you update to the latest service pack? There is a service called RPC, if you don't have the update you can get a command from the net that will make the RPC shut down windows. Updating windows fixes this. You can also tell this program not to shut down windows if it fails but I would rather suggest you update. If you have the latest SP then check the hardware starting with the PS. Good luck.
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