strange results!!!!!!!!

By Real_DeaL311
Nov 2, 2007
  1. hi all iam getting low benchmark scores with my x1950pro, using 3dmark06 3556 all stock speeds cpu ram vid, thats kinda low if u ask me i seen other people get better results with close to the same systme specs i got, when i go to overclock my athlon 3200 to 2.5ghz, and lowered my ram to 333mhz=408mhz effictive, had my vid overclock to 630 core, 756mem. i get 3878, all my settings in 3dmark 06 are left at normal 1280x 1024 no AA no AF, some one help me out hear, i really dont wanna bring this card back considering theres no x1950pros left, i really dont wanna cough out anothier 400 dollars for a 8800gts or 2900pro just yet. one last thing i forgot to add, i got a higher scores last month, 3900 someting stock and with oced just a little bit i got 4300
  2. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    Hmm my x700 pulls 4600 so i know thats not right, kind of wierd.

    What are you specs?

    EDIT- I read them in your profile. you should be pulling more than 5k i would think.

    Benchmark with 3dMark01 for best results :p
  3. Real_DeaL311

    Real_DeaL311 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    theres no way a x700 can surpass a x1950pro in 3dmark06, but yeah my spces are 3200+ venice oced to 2.5ghz, Asus a8n-e most recent nios 1013 939 socket, 2 gb of dual channel patriot ram, 36gb raptor 160 wd sataII, vx550 Corsiar psu 41 amps on one single 12 rail, etc, i have all the lastest drivers for vid and chipset 6.86 ati 7.10, directx 9.0c nov 2007, i just installed a fresh in stall of windows, also i reset the bios, i got all windows updates
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