Strange system crash!

By thedonk3
Jul 5, 2002
  1. Hi gang, I'd appreciate any thoughts on the following :-
    Have just upgraded my pc and my mate said get 2 of everything and I'll have the same upgrade. (Specs below) SO basically both machines are the same with the same software and the same drivers....
    ...but mine runs perfectly and my mates locks up after about 3 minutes of playing a 3d game (ie SOF2)! The system just locks solid and you have to reset to get going again... but when you do this Win2K doesn't even do a system check.

    Now the only difference in the system is the psu's (both 300watt and AMD rated) and I have a 80mm fan in the side of my case.

    His cpu does run about 8c hotter but the heatsink and fan is rated to an 2100Xp and we have 1800XP's.

    Have tried swapping graphics cards and memory but the system still locks after 3 minutes!! HELP??? Its very strange coz I know the software and drivers are fine. Think it may be a heat or power issue what do you guys think?

    Thanks for any comments

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  2. uncleel

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    System Configuration Information,,30_182_869_4348,00.html
    AMD Thermal Solutions

    Originally posted by uncleel:

    • Quote AMD: The maximum die temperatures
    • 90°C for frequencies up to 1000 MHz
    • 95°C for frequencies above 1000 MHz
  3. pagey

    pagey TS Rookie

    can i upgrade my processor to stop system crashing

    Hi Im new

    but i certainly need some advice as my local computer shop cannot help.

    I have a Targa Visionary 1800 laptop
    2 x 256 ram
    AMD Athlon XP & power now
    AXMD1800FQQ3b processor
    win xp home sp2

    ihave re formated an taken off all programs and just installed the basic again but the computor still freses up and the only way is to crash it and start again, this now happens about 12+ times aday and i obviously loose my work that i have been doing. it will happen at any time from just starting up to surfing the net. i am now concerned that it will do permanent damage.

    i have been trying to fined out what the motherboard is on my computer and what the maximun processor 1900, 2000, 2100? upgrade could be and does it need the same number on it. im sure these are basic question for somone that knows computers. and where can i get processors at a fair price. thanks

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