Stranglehold PC demo = black screen = shader 3.0 only

By tweakboy
Sep 14, 2007
  1. Looks like shader 2.0 model cards get shafted again. This game gives me a black screen, I hear stuff happening but cant see it. The beginning cutscene worked though.

    I already got shafted with MOH airborne saying it doesnt support my video card since its shader 2.0 , Then BioShock also didnt work and the shader 2.0 fix didnt do it either.

    Now Stranglehold another U3 engine game and I get shafted.

    Whats weird is, Epic has stated many times UT3 will play on older machines with shader 2.0 and what not. Why do these guys break it like this. Theres still a lot of peepz with 6 series graphics cards x800 or 6 series nvidia ,, hmm sighs
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