Stray pixels in laptop display (G-force FX Go5200)

By Zain ยท 5 replies
Sep 4, 2005
  1. I'm having a problem with either my video card or drivers.

    My monitor shows random pixels all over the screen these are mostly magenta (255,0,255), saturated green (0,255,0), red and black.

    The text appears broken up because the color of the pixels make them look incomplete.
    If a window is floating, and i grab it and move it over the desktop, pixels stay connected and leave a tray.
    Sometimes refreshin the screen removes the pizels...but they appear after some seconds.
    Even the cursor has them..and the generic icon for "unknown" archives is missing.
    Oh, also, in any graphics editor, the white color (255,255,255) sometimes looks yellow...if i select the area, it turns white again.

    Aditionally, there's a loss of video performance during videoplayback, after a while it just stops....the fan makes a lous sounds for a while, and after several seconds, only the audio continues.

    Running on:
    Laptop, Toshiba satellite.
    Videocard nvidia G-force FX Go5200.
    512MB Ram.
    60GB HDD.
    P-Centrino 1.50 GHhz
    Running XP-pro SP2.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Zain

    Zain TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Reinstalled directX and video drivers, still nothing, i guess my last resort is to format, if this is a hardware problem and it isn't solved with a format..well, bad for me.
  3. duanester

    duanester TS Rookie

    are these pixels black? if so they maby dead pixels.
  4. Zain

    Zain TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mostly red, magenta and green.
  5. duanester

    duanester TS Rookie

    a driver or software issue would not cause this.

    i purchased a flat panel once that had two dead pixels, i tried to rma it and was told only if there are more than three dead pixels it can be replaced.
  6. Zain

    Zain TS Rookie Topic Starter

    They aren't dead pixels, refreshing the screen sometimes removes them, and they appear at random locations, not at fixed locations.

    Another issue i just hadw while trying to fix the problems, is that i uninstalled DX, and tried updating to the latest versions, but it doesn't install nothing, it goes instanlly to "the components are already installed."
    I installed 9b and dxdiag says it's 8c

    Plus, a BIG bunch of Dlls are missing. (like dinput.dll)

    I reinstalled 9b, and looks like i no longer have missing DLLs, but the problem of skipping the installation of 9c to the "components are installed and ready to be used" screen still persists.
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