Streaming Videos & other videos , CPU usage %100

By mdanso
Nov 16, 2007
  1. I have a Geforce fx 5700 le and an amd k6-2 processor... i'm not into games but i do beleive i should be able to watch basic videos like on youtube. I downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card and in some cases things came up worse. What i found out is disabling agp texturing and direct 3d helped video playback on certain files...I don't want to spend money without resolving a solution... do i need a new graphics card because i do get the blu screen of death with this mothrboard saying nv4_disp.dll not workin,, i don't think my graphics card is compatible with my mob.... nvidia. I can't get a new cpu without getting a new motherboard because of socket 7 and i can't buy a new cpu/motherboard and use my old harddrive without gettin a new harddrive and installin windows xp then transferring data(all too much stress) i jus want to watch even simple flv files without cpu usage %100... youtube videos comon.. easy enough rite? btw i have a broadband connection... even if rip straming videos in asf format cpu usage is %100... video card problem?... because i'm open to buyin a new card not nvidia.
  2. mdanso

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    on second thought even in safe mode cpu usage is %100, is direct x enabled in safe mode... now what?

    i also occasionally get windows virtual memory is low i have 256 mb ram that is only recognized but why does that mean cpu usage %100?
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