Struggling Choosing New Gaming Monitor - Do High Refresh Monitors With High Contrast Ratios Not Exist?


First, thanks for the add. Been watching the YT channel for a while now as well as reading the website and finally have a question. I'm struggling with a new gaming monitor. I will be playing both the new Xbox Series X and eventually using it with a PC build I plan on doing in 2021.

I'm currently using the ASUS VE248Q from way back in 2011. It still works great and looks great but I'm ready for an upgrade. My biggest concern is if I go with an IPS panel getting IPS Glow or Backlight bleed since I normally game at night in a dark room. I want those vivid/bright colors too though. Everyone has suggested I look for a VA panel instead but I haven't found one that seems to be highly rated or isn't very expensive.

I was looking at the Dell S2721DGW, Alienware AW2521HF, and LG 27GL850 but they all seem to struggle with contrast ratio.

It seems difficult to find a monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and no ghosting, blurring, or IPS Glow/Bleed issues THAT has good contrast ratio.

Any recommendations for 1080p, 1440p, or 4K options with this information in mind? I'm stuck. I'm assuming no matter what I choose ANYTHING would be better than what I'm using now correct? All of these "issues" are still far less than what I'm experiencing now?