Stuck at HP Boot Screen, Continuous Nasty Clicking Sounds

By Lester Dean
Jan 11, 2008
  1. Howdy, im tryin to fix a friends hp tower, but it seems to have some broken hardware or something that leaves it stuck at the hp boot screen, and then gets stuck there in what seems and sounds like a loop, and continuously makes a rather nasty clicking sound.
    Attempting to enter F1-setup, F10-system restoration, or waiting and trying to boot from cd does not work as it wont leave the boot screen. The most it will do, if f1 is pressed asap after i turn it on, it will say Entering Setup..., but freeze as it usualy does.

    The sounds seems like 2 clicks a second, and it seems to be happening 4 times in a row before the sound of a drive winding down hapens really fast, then it repeats, with a very small gap imbetween the 4by2 cycles.

    I tryed to pull out one of each ram stick, see if it was somthin simple like that, if yah havnt noticed yet im not very hardware oriented. :p

    The towers OS is XP Home.

    Thanks for the assistance :D
  2. Lester Dean

    Lester Dean TS Rookie Topic Starter

    haza unpluged the harddrive and it let me get into bios, seems hard drive is off to heaven or hell, omw to buy a new one o/
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