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Sep 1, 2006
  1. Hi , i have a big problem. I have to reset my computer because when i start it i see the usual computer's logo and it jams there !! :mad: I can't get into bios. Can't do anything. I just want to boot with my win xp cd. Could I be able to reset my hard drives manually or something like that? Please help me !!!
  2. Rik

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    If you take a look at your manual it will tell you how to clear the cmos, that may get it going again.
  3. tomrca

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    there is a post by 'rick' elite member of staff here
  4. Rik

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    Yer quote tomrca, half man half biscuit by any chance??
  5. intel_908

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    tried clearing the cmos , doesn't work and in rick's topic we have to boot from the windows cd and i can't boot any cd from where i am!!!!
  6. tomrca

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    are you leaving the CD in when re-booting? that is, switch off, leave the CD in then re-boot and press any key, or continue trying with other keys. its hard to visualise some problems.
    perhaps you could try this.... get hold of a second HD and install it, (even if its just borrowed), change the original drive to total slave, then format that with the borrowed drive..IOLA! clean drive. fingers crossed;)
  7. tomrca

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    don't know what ya mean!:confused:
  8. Rik

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    you can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead

    It was a line in a song by a band called half man half biscuit.
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