Stuck frame per second rate

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I didn't know whether to put this here or in the gaming section because it deals with a game, but anyways...

I play counter-strike 1.6 and i have the FPS (Frames per second) counter enabled and it constantly says i have right around 60 FPS. I never changes more than .5 FPS to each side. I have a Max FPS rate on Counter-Strike set to 99 FPS.

I run an EVGA 7600 GT on an LG Flat Panel Moniter with 70 refresh rate at 1152x864. I know Counter-Strike can run at a much higher FPS because I have seen it myself on other computers.

I have all updated drivers including Direct X 9 (My video card can't support Direct X10)

I am pretty sure that this video card has the ability to go beyond 60 FPS because my last video card, the 6800 GT had the same problem, as well as other worse problems that are behind me.

I don't really know whats going on, does anyone else have any ideas?


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You have enabled vsync in your video settings? (Windows or in-game)

Also, 60 FPS is just fine and there is absolutely no point in trying to get more - your monitor would be unable to display those frames and you aren't able to see them. You would only stress your CPU and GPU, wasting power and generating heat.
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