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Stuck on How to Gain Administrative Rights on Network

By Xeon
Jan 3, 2008
  1. Recently, I have had need of administrative rights on my school's local network in order to run Photoshop CS3 for use outside my Digital Media class. It shows up in every computer's program directory, but cannot be accessed on any computer other than those in the multimedia lab itself, without administrative rights. As a note, I have a standard student account, with no special permissions or abilities.

    The security and restriction measures are quite efficient on the system, and pose more of a challenge to work with than most I've met. For starters, right clicking is disabled at the desktop, as well as Task Manager, Regedit, Run, and Command Prompt (although, I have been able to store a working Command Prompt shortcut in my student folder). Along with that, I have no access to any of the local computer's drives, such as C and D. I'm not sure if they're running a particular security and restriction software, or if they've just shut down everything manually by themselves. Whichever the case, there used to be a way to gain Administrative rights though a relativley complex process using the command prompt and the "@" function in conjuction with the "time" function, but they caught on to that method late last school year, and shut it down.

    Since then, I've been trying on-and-off to find a new way to gain Administrative rights (at least temporarily) for myself, without having to resort to usurping faculty or staff accounts when they're not at the computer (too tricky to do and then have to explain yourself if you get caught). The system has made one mistake though, which is that I can still access Windows Explorer and fiddle around with some of the stuff in there. I haven't foud that it really helps yet, but who knows, I might get lucky.

    To wrap things up, I'd like to ask you for your advice, guidance, and suggestions as to how I could go about doing this. Thanks.
  2. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 872   +12

    Wrong website for that question.
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