Study shows 50% of repair shops snooped on customer devices


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A friend of mine is a computer repairman. He tells me that you oughta see some of the terrible things on peoples computers. The people look nice and respectable, but underneath that keyboard is some bad dirt.

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I can always count on you to get something of that nature, Captain. :laughing: (y) (Y)

I do live close enough to Toronto to occasionally get TV reception, but there is nothing I watch regularly - mostly because OTA reception is spotty at best.
That's why I gave you the YouTube link. CBC posts all of the episodes online. Since they're a government-owned (but not government-controlled) broadcaster, they're not for profit and you can watch all of their episodes on YouTube for free no matter where you are. Since Canada and the USA have a lot of products in common in retail stores, a lot of what you see will be relevant to you as an American.
I watched part of that Marketplace video and it looks like they have had quite a bit of positive impact over the years. The US has several shows 60 Minutes, 20/20, Frontline, but I'm not sure that they have had as significant of an impact as Marketplace. And then there is Consumer Reports. I am reasonably sure that they have had a big impact, not to mention Ralph Nader and his organization.
The problem with the shows in the USA is that they're all corporate-owned and they won't do any investigative shows that tackle themselves or their advertisers. CBC doesn't care.
I don't think that the US has a political show like The Fifth Estate, but I think it would be a great idea. Heck, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop political telephone SPAM in the us, and certain people would almost certainly take any show like that to court and claim Fake News.
Maybe, but they'd lose. :laughing:
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Particularly the women's sports coaches and trainers. It might not hurt to vet the boy's and men's coaches a lot better either.
Well yeah, especially since the most recent scandals have been involving boys. I just shudder when I read things like this because I'm like "How the hell???". Ugh, I don't want to get into it.

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Oh hell, there's a "for Dummies" book for just about anything. Although, there probably are a few exceptions, such as, "Fertilizer Bomb Making for Dummies",
I bet that you can find it in Belfast. :laughing:
and maybe, "Nuclear Reactor Construction for Dummies".. :eek:
That's how we got CANDU! :scream:
Elon Musk should have read, "Taking over Twitter for Dummies", before he made his move..
In order to benefit from the "for Dummies" series of books, one must first accept that they are a dummy when it comes to the topic that the book covers. Elon Musk is far too egotistical to ever think that he's not a genius at everything so it would be useless to him. :D

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Back on topic please.
Yeah, sorry about that. It would seem that part of the human condition is to go off on random tangents without warning and not even realise it. :laughing:

You're probably all too familiar with that trait because I'm sure that you see it all the time here.


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A hot 22-year old blonde enters the repair shop and asks if someone can take a look at her phone, where all of her private photos are locked.

Hmmmmm..... I wonder what happens next... :)


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Well, I repaired Computers for about 27 years & a lot of that was cleaning, virus removal, optimizing, doing backups of customers personal data (yes this means accessing personal data but of course not reading it or opening it.)

When you are doing back up yes you will be copying it to another source. This can happen at the customer's request if they want full backup done to their system. It is also good practice to do a backup if repairing a broken Window's install.

Also, when cleaning a system for viruses & spyware the tools used will access every file on the system as they scan to find the problems and malware and trojan software and cleans the system of these infections.

I find their study or as they call it research very flawed and is made out to sound like every shop is bad. I feel these people doing the study are either clueless to how things are done when it comes to this type of thing or are trying to make it to the news and get media coverage. If they took a look at systems log files after I am done working on a customer's system, they would find pretty much every file on the that system was accessed while it was getting cleaned while it was worked on by myself if not then I would have failed in my task of getting the system free of viruses and malware and should probably have nothing more to do with anything related to computer service and repair.

I am sure there are actually bad shops out there that have employee's that are nasty and do go in and do the sort of things brought up in the write up here but to me this study is trying to lump most shops into this category but the people behind the study sound like they really do not know very much on how crap actually works in the real world. I have also done phone cleaning or backups to another device that would also show up as files being accessed.

Anyways they need to do more research and maybe next time learn a bit more before posting their findings. I'm sure I can teach them more than a few things and next time they would be more enlightened on the subject.

Quick Access is not only something I clear on every system I also disable it after talking to the customer about it. It is a useless feature and after a while becomes very messy because it just keeps growing and looking more and more useless as it fills out. So, oh know I must be hiding something right nope just using common sese and making the system better for the customer to use. History is also cleared in browsers and temp folders cleaned again oh I must be hiding something again nope it's part of the cleanup. All of this & much more is done to try and make the system feel fast and responsive for the customer. In my years of service, I must have been told at least 1000 or more times how after they got their system back how it felt like it was faster and felt like a new system again.
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