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I have read the other "stuttering" threads on this forum, and cannot find anything which seems completely like my problem.

This has pissed me off long enough now, and I have no idea what is causing it. Reformatted my PC recently to see if it was a software issue, and have removed PCI cards etc to nail it. Still nothing.

My computer occasionally stutters during audio playback, and this has become very irritating. My guess was that my PSU isn't powerful enough.

My main specs.

AMD Athlon 3000+ Processor
1 Gig RAM
Diamond S120 256MB DDR Radeon 9550

I was told to check out Motherboard Monitor, yet there is nothing to suggest that my PSU is not powerful enough. So onto the IRQ. Here is a screenshot from the device manager of my IRQ settings - unfortunatly this doesn't mean anything to me.

Oh, and I'm under a "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" in the main window of the Device Manager.

Any suggestions?



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does it happen when you open programs? cos that happens all the time to me.

i think its bloody onboard audio that is the bugger with mine, is ur onboard audio or sound card?


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What are you using to playback audio/video? Media Player?

You should give ATI's MMC a try (I recommend 9.06.1) and see if the problem still exists using their player. If MMC is fine, but Media Player is stuttering on audio, you may simply need a few updates for MP9/MP10.
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