Successful Migration IDE -> SATA, now Partition Help Needed!

By djpurity
Feb 20, 2007
  1. I used the DiskManager to copy my IDE boot drive C to the SATA drive I installed and formatted. The IDE drive (my profile has my system stats) is 300 GB Samsung, with 2 partitions. I used C for my O/S and D for all my installed programs.

    When I copied my IDE to SATA I made sure that both had the first partition to be 20 GB and the rest as free space. They successfully copied and now my computer boots with the SATA drive and everything runs. However, it has kept the IDE's 2nd partition, D, exactly as D in the boot-up series so that all the program files work. I get that. But now I would like to migrate all my files from 2nd partition IDE to 2nd partition SATA as well so that my program files are running off the SATA drive, which is faster than the IDE drive.

    I know I can run the same DiskWizard to make a copy of the 2nd partition IDE to 2nd partition SATA, but how would I go about making sure in the boot-up sequence, the first 2 partitions of the SATA get assigned C and then D in that order and then the IDE drive to get F and then G (E is my DVD combo drive).

    I could force them to use certain drive letters by selecting which ones they use, but will this affect the system's registry by manually forcing them to be called up this way? What is exactly causing them to load in this order anyway - the registry? Would a copy of the 2 2nd partitions be enough to get all my program files working without having to reinstall any of them?

    I've installed a lot of stuff and really am wanting to have to avoid reinstalling any of the games, program files, etc, but I never install them on the same partition as my O/S, so this jump from IDE to SATA has been okay so far but this last part I want to make sure I don't screw anything up.... you know?

    I'd just like to understand if there is a way to naturally have the system load in order of priority, as I set my RAID drive to boot higher priority than my IDE drive, so I'd think the 2nd partition would come up as D, but it is coming up as G, the last letter of my system.

    This isn't like copying a boot sector or anything, so I assume a copy of one to another and changing the drive letters will force it to be exactly like I want, but I'm just seeing if there is a natural way for it to assign the drive letters based on load order .... does that make ANY sense?

  2. nickc

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    That actually does make sense but the only way I know of doing what u are asking is to reformat the C: drive and then reinstall Windows an it will get the order right but then u would have to reinstall all the programs (u do not want to), so I am not being any help as what u want but maybe someone else can give the answere u are looking for.
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  4. Samstoned

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    get a 3rd party disk manager with a boot disc option
    make boot disc with manager on it
    copy over d to the new partition
    then change the D to another letter
    change the copyed partition to D
    bobs your uncle
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