Sudden system shutdowns

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Jun 24, 2003
  1. Hi..I've been having this problem on and off for 2 months. It's a random BSOD Hardware Failure then all goes dead. Sometimes after reboot its fine for days, and sometimes it happens within a couple of minutes. I tried all the obvious troubleshooting, and memtest, and mb monitor. All the temps and voltages are fine. I checked all the caps for leaks and bulges. all look fine. I reseated all cards, video card and memory....nothing works. Sometimes it runs flawlessy for days and then keeps shutting down. Today for the first time after numerous shutdowns, I got the black text screen before XP loads saying TRAP 00000002 Exception. Like its a physical memory problem, I swapped out the chips, and same BSOD, hardware failure screen. I'm running out of ideas???Any help would greatly be appreciated.
    Win XP pro
    PS 350/ Powemaxx
    Dragon+ mb
    Nvidia mx400 64mb
    AMD 2000 Athlon
    Centron 256mb Sky Electric(tiger direct) 256 mb
    IBM 80 gb master ide1
    WD 45 gb master ide2
    Norcent CDRW slave ide 1
    Mitsumu CDRW slave ide 2
    Cable modem using onboard ethernet
  2. acidosmosis

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    Try to start systematically removing items from your system that you can do without. Remove as much as you can at first and see if the problem persists. Then start adding parts back into the system one by one and test the system after each part.

    After you remove all that you can, if you have the same problem then you know the problem is in the remaining parts or software.

    You may also want to try formatting and re-installing Windows XP and see if that fixes the problem, but if you do this don't install any drivers or software until youve tested the system, because you may also want to systematically start installing drivers.

    The first guesses I would have would be:
    1. Faulty PSU
    2. Faulty Memory/Incorrect Memory (but you said you tried another set of memory sticks so that shouldnt be the problem).
    3. Drivers
    4. Windows Installation (because of some installed Drivers or Software)

    By the way. Why do you have two Hard Drives set for master? You also have two CDRW drives set for slave. You should one drive (probably the largest/fastest drive) set for Master and the second hard drive set for Slave. Same scenario with the CDRW drives. You may want to try changing that before you do anything else. I dont *think* that could cause the problem you are having but I'm sure it's possible.
  3. Justin

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    No he shouldn't.

    He has one HDD as master on IDE 1, and one as master on IDE 2, which is the way it should be. You should always have a HDD as master if possible, and you should always try to keep physical HDD on seperate channels. His setup is optimal.
  4. acidosmosis

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    I somehow skimmed past the IDE1/IDE2 part.
  5. drummer103

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    Thanks for your reply. I actually swapped out my surge protector, I figure I'll try the easiest stuff first before pulling apart the system and reformatting. When the system runs, it's really perfect, no problems at all, just the Hardware failure every once in a while.
  6. nonskidsurfass

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    Re: Dragon Plus Problem

    I am having the same problem and I think yours may be because U have ECC memory. This MOBO only supports non ECC memory.
    Hope it helps.

  7. nonskidsurfass

    nonskidsurfass TS Rookie

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