Suddenly Aint got no signal after 2 years of happy computing

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Jun 15, 2005
  1. Sorry not to be able to give a list of specs here. The computer in question is at home and I'm at the office now. I could supply them tomorrow if needed. I've got a Best Buy computer, but thought I'd try here first before paying them again.

    My computer ran fine for several years, till a few days ago. Saturday night it worked fine, then Sunday morning I budged the mouse to bring it out of sleep mode. The monitor remained black with a message about not getting a signal. I checked the cables. I rebooted. I checked the machine with another monitor and it worked fine, but it was only connected for 5 minutes. Then I hooked it up to the old monitor, rebooted and it worked fine... for about 10 minutes while I checked emails. Suddenly the screen went black with the same "no signal" message. I bought a new flat-panel monitor and got the same "no signal" message. Guess I'll be taking that back :mad:

    So I'm wondering if it was just a fluke that the first test with the other monitor worked and that it worked for a few minutes when reconnected to the old monitor. My guess is that my problem is not the monitors. Do you think the video card went bad overnight?

    Looking for some place to start. Greatful for your advice-

  2. kol_indian

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    Ok look to me that the Graphics card is the primary suspect, check if the card if properly seated and also check for some loose conections if you ar using any adapter. :)
  3. mmundy

    mmundy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got an idea how this happened?

    I just wonder if this is typical bad luck after some period of time for graphics cards. I've never had a machine long enough to have hardware fail... my problems have always been caused by viruses.

    Okay, there was a crashed HD once.
  4. compguy

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    Video Card

    I agree with KOL_Indian. Yes your video card is no good. And when you put your systems spec's I can see If you have a (AGP) or (PCI).... :wave: :wave:

    :grinthumb Good Luck and plezz put your systems spec's soon LOL...:)

    Sebastian aka Compguy
  5. mmundy

    mmundy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cleaned and reseated, still no signal... no mouse either

    I cleaned all the dust-bunnies out of my computer last night and reseated the video, modem and another card with 3 slots similar to USB. I don't use that one. There was a lot of dust on the fins of the processor. Turned it on and still nothing, except now there's an additional problem. I think since I've had to shut the machine off a few times by holding in the power button, the startup sequence is off-kilter. Neither my mouse nor my keyboard light up.

    I know when there's an incomplete shut-down that I would get a plain text screen asking me this, but since I can't see that it has come up, and my keyboard isn't lit up, I don't know what to do.

    There are no beeps when booting, though I do hear my drives spinning.

    What's my next step? Inserting a new video card or a different way of booting?

    By the way, my video card fit into a single black slot, not one of the many white ones. It is a Nvidia Gforce2 MX.
  6. Rik

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    Sounds possible that you have a faulty PSU. If you have a volt meter I can help you test it.
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