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Dec 25, 2005
  1. Hey all.

    I've noticed recently that i've been getting some particularly nasty crashes and incredibly slow start and shutdown speeds, this happened after a Repair of Windows XP after installation of a new Mobo and Processor, I now reolise that this is most likely the result of my corrupt registry, it's full of up to 400 errors that I cant fix (ive tried updating drivers and everything you can possibly think of so i've come to the conclusion it's the registry) i'm getting sick and tired with the bloody websites that say "TOTTALY FREE DOWNLOAD, NO CATCHES!" and then after the scan they try and make you pay....erm thats a catch is it not?
    every one i've tried so far does the same thing, and I can respect this but it's not helpful for people who want to do a 1 time scan, what's worse is they often say "Buy for 29.99" and then when you try and leave they offer it to you for 9.99 or something, how bad is that?!?.
    basically does anyone have any reliable Registry Cleaning tools?

  2. Tedster

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    I've used norton system works for many years. I use the 2003 version and it's been very reliable. Their other software has gone way downhill though, but the registry repair function is still excellent. I disabled the antivirus, firewall and other functions as I use norton corporate anti-virus and other software to do other stuff. The only thing I use off of systemworks is the registry repair fiunction which I can set for autocheck and repair every 24 hours.
  3. Peddant

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  4. CatastrophE

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    Thanks so much for your replys :)
    The Tools you recommended worked great, I got a new HD and started fresh with a new XP install but was still having random crashes in games, I tried everything to find the conflict and narrowed it down to 1 single file, but that still didnt work, however using the RegScrubXP program seem's to have set things right again, dont ask me how but it did, and to think all week my problem was only a Registry Clean away hehe :p
    Still at least some good came out of it, I got all of my drivers updated to the most recent :)

    Thanks again ^^

  5. pathlight

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    I have only had experience with CCleaner. I was nervous about tampering with the Registry but went ahead, first on my laptop, then a desktop video editing system. No problems were created and things seem to run a little faster.

    It didn't fix one annoyance I was hoping it would. I still can't get my video system to shutdown properly. Windows shuts down but then the system starts rebooting. I have to hit/hold the power button for 7 seconds.

    Must be more than a registry issue.

    The link to CCleaner is:
  6. ink

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    there is regcleaner and RegSupremePro they work pretty well for me.
  7. Tedster

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    messing with the registry is ESSENTIAL to remove persistant viruses and malware
  8. Nukey

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    If you are looking for a good registry cleaning solution, try Regseeker (by Hoverdesk). It's free and safe. Ive used it for a long time now. Google it. :D
  9. alvdy

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    Registry Mechanic

    A good 1 is registry mechanic but u will have to find a key 4 it. this can be got from the new zealand net guide.
  10. Jimbo420

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    Statements like that make is sounds like it isn't really free, or if you do get it free it isn't really all that legal. :unch:
  11. Akio

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    I use the LavaSoft Ad-Aware SE Personal, along with ClamWin Antivirus. They both work great in my opinion!
  12. Jimbo420

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    Adaware looks for spyware doesn't really clean the registry.
  13. alvdy

    alvdy TS Rookie Posts: 70

    it is free and it is legit the only price you have to pay is that of the net guide and that is only $4.70 a month. but i guess that if you dont live in new zealand or australia then this is a little hard for you.
  14. AtK SpAdE

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    I have a really good utility


    just start choppin away

    :haha: :haha:
  15. Vigilante

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    I will tend to use use Systemworks Windoctor first. You can run it directly from the System Works CD so you don't even have to install anything. Although running from disk means you don't get backups. But that has never been an issue.

    I also will use JV16 Power Tools and Regsupreme, both from Macecraft.

    And then in some cases, I'll install System Mechanic and use its registry cleaner. I just install my key, then remove the program when I'm done.
  16. Tedster

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    ad-aware is NOT a registry repair program, neither is clam-win.
  17. Druegan

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    For "registry cleaning" (ie, removing dead entries that clutter up the registry and can harm performance) I use Easycleaner by Toniarts. It's free, and useful for a bunch of odds and ends, such as wiping IE file cache, cookies, removing unnecessary files, and wiping MRU lists.

    Link for ya:
  18. wlknaack

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    I have found the combination of CCleaner, Norton SystemWorks' Win Doctor and the System Internals utility of Spybot Search and Destroy to be sufficient for cleaning .

    In addition, to remove "hooks" from the registry, I suggest spyware that pays special attention to the Registry, like Microsoft AntiSpyware and A-2.
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