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By jobeard
Feb 8, 2008
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  1. There is a percentage of threads on Techspot that are more reference and fyi related
    than issue/problem solving.

    This post is a collection of reference materials where information is available without
    lengthy debate or many multiple posts to get to the heart of an issue..

    Here are some references to get everyone started!

    * Not all devices can be powered directly from the USB slot!Usb power limitations
    * Great Concepts, but just premature (as of 3/1/2008) 802.11n standard
    * Don't panic and by all means, don't over react ... think twice and make a one good decision Recovering a corrupt system file
    * While ubiqitous, those USB thumb drives need special care and handling Flash dive recovery procedures
    * All systems need to be secured; step one is not running services you don't need ... Linux security tips
    * Sometimes even the T.M. fails :( Task Manager problems
    * Try some basic tests before you uproot your network settings Basic Networking Testing
    * Network Places works but Workgroup access has permission error! Need ICS running
    * Ping vs Stealth mode testing from
    * Norton complete removal instructions by platform/os
    * Comparison of Ati vs Nvidia graphics cards ATI vs Nvidia

    [*]Which one to buy; A router, hub or switch?

    [*]Raid tutorial

    [*] Backup techniques, full, incremental, & differential

    [*] Missing / Failing P.O.S.T. trouble shooting

    If anyone has any other suggestions, or as they come along, please private message me and
    they will be added to this post for reference.

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