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May 13, 2005
  1. Getting ready to put together my next PC. Going for a mid-range gaming computer. I am looking at the A8V-E Deluxe for motherboard, and likely an Athlon64 3800 CPU, Gforce 6800 256Mb etc. My current rig now is WAY too loud. Not only my fan on the CPU but also the PSU. Think jet engine.

    Budget is a concern. For the case, I am looking at the Antec Sonata as it seems like a quiet one, but I am concerned. Will that 380W PSU be enough for my needs? Any advice appreciated.
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    Zalman do nice unit - TNN 500AF. Not for those with a budget though. :D
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    A 380 should be enough for now. It does have 2 sata connectors. They have updated the psus in their current cases. This is still a 380w, but has two sata, and a more powerful 12v+ line, 24a vs 18a original(iirc). I would rather have one strong 12v rail than two weak 12v rails.

    Or you could get a cheap case with no psu or fans, and buy your own silent psu and fans.
    The seasonic psu is very quiet and efficient, but I think it has a 20 pin main connector instead of a 24pin that the newer mobos use.(most mobos still work on the 20 pin version(support both 20 and 24pin)).
    This is nice too.
    It can run single rail or dual rail.
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    That is an old review. Having purchased a Sonata a month ago, it now comes with SATA & PCI-e connectors. I haven't looked at the ratings on the different voltage rails though.
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    Didou and VNF are right. Having built around 8 systems using the Sonata in the past few months they have beefier PSUs with SATA power connectors. Your suggestion is good RBS, the Sonata is a very quiet case all around.

    For a quiet case it is definately a start. If you eventually want to go all-out crazy, a combination of a sonata with a replacement 200mm fan that is motherboard-controlled and possibly a zalman heatsink or water cooling and good choice of HDD can give you a near-completely silent system.
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