Suggestions for a new java program ??

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Sep 18, 2005
  1. I was running Sunjava but have found that the last 3 virus checks I have been infected inside the sun folder in my Docs and Sets folder. I have decided to delete it and try a new java program. Can I get some suggestions as to the better programs with better trojan and hijacker defence?? I also found Sun seemed to kind of hang a little on some pages. TIA
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    With what were you "infected"? And it is not the JVMs fault you when you go to webpages that contain bad applets - there is no way a Java engine can protect itself if you tell it to run malicious software. Maybe you should pay more attention to what webpages you visit?
  3. fnugen

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    I am careful with the pages I visit......thank you. "Java/ByteVerify" and "Java/ClassLoader" I have been getting links sent via MSN that I had visited a couple as they came from a trusted source, but that turned out to be an unsupported update that randomly sent the links out, quite possible I got them from them. I was not aware that a java program cannot protect itself, I came here for help because I am not versed in many ways of the PC. Java being one big one that is a complete unknown for me. Is the Sun Java a good program then??
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    MS no longer supports Java (*cough*Activex*cough*) on the Windows platform & suggest that you install the Sun Java virtual machine now. I don't think there's much alternative there.
  5. fnugen

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    Thanks. With not knowing about the java, I wasn't sure if I was using inferior product and was wondering if the masses could help out. Off to find Sun Java again. Thanks again.
  6. Didou

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    Sun Java comes with a program "jucheck.exe" which can check for updates available & download/install them. It's located in the BIN folder of the Java installation.
  7. fnugen

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    Cool thanks. Updating now.
  8. Spike

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    Don't know about classloader, but I can tell you that byteverify is harmless unless your using the old and redundant MS virtual machine.
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