Sup all

By Iceman2286
Jun 8, 2010
  1. Name's Isaiah, just joined today. Honestly I mainly joined to see if anyone could help me with a networking issue I have, which I've posted in the appropriate forum. Besides that, I used to work for CompUSA and I've messed around with computers for like 15 years probably more so I know plenty about them. I really like playing computer games because they seem to offer a different kind of atmosphere, and of course more variety for controls and interface.

    I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    I'm 24 years old
    My name is pronounced like this ( i-zay-uh)
    Isiah Thomas spells his name wrong, I don't lets make that clear right now

    I'm a big Dallas Cowboy fan... big big fan... I also like the Colts and Broncos and pretty much all NFL teams except for the big baby bastard child Giants particularly Eli Manning who is a pan faced jerk off who thinks he can play for whatever team he WANTS to play for.

    Anyway I'll get to work on my profile asap, but if you have any other questions about me just pm me or email me at ((
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