Super slowness

By wiscountryboy
Sep 18, 2005
  1. hey guys\girls, i recently had a huge drop in frame rates on all games, a complete slow down on file moving and data transfer rates on my hard drive and a utter dissappoint ment in my computers ability to play back movies and audio files...i have tested the ram, and have the latest bios, and all the latest drivers for everything, the only thing i can think of is that my 3 year old maxtor(160gb) hard drive is finally crapping out....i mean it takes me over 4 minutes to load win2k....i have formatted twice and have tried in both NTFS and FAT32 with no what i need to know is what are your opinions on the matter, and secondly (assuming it is the HD) what are good SATA buys?(80gb will do fine)
  2. jobeard

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    My I suggest monitor the system usage with the Task Monitor <ctl><alt><delete>
    which will show Applications as well as Processes.
    Personally, I like this OEM Version as it allows you to see the process tree to determine
    which process launched which other process.

    Clicking on the column heading CPU will sort the processes by usage and
    you'll get an idea of where the cycles are going.

    Look for programs that you really don't know or want running every day.
    eg: is it really necessary to run an AV scan at every boot?

    Also look for excessive memory usage - - you could be swapping pages like crazy.

    Lastly, at least investigate HD fragmentation. Run CHKDSK BEFORE you
    attempt to defrag.
  3. wiscountryboy

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    ok i use the win2k tast manager and i dont see any thing outa the ordinary, such as my cpu being swamped with full cycles, also the memory is not hyper actice, i have check disked and defragged, this didnt fix any of the above said problems...
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