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SuperDuper Bottleneck Slowdown!

By K@in
Sep 30, 2006
  1. Major windows bottleneck problem please help

    OMG!!! I've been racking my my brain at this for weeks! :dead: eversince i have replaced my mobo, my system has been plagued by slowdowns!When i had this system configuration:

    Athlon xp 3200
    Asus nforce 2 ultra 400
    1 Gig Mushkin High performance mem
    WD caviar 8mb buffer 80 gig UATA
    And my prized Possesion:
    6800 ultra engeneering sample(Ocs very high) 450/1300 w/arctic coling silencer

    i used to get 67k~68k on this config, but some times, i would get 53ks! i figured that it was the memorythat caused it, because once i closed some of the processes via taskmanager, it ran fine. then on a stormy day, a power surge burned out my mobo and psu, so i replaced them:

    Athlon 64 3500 Zalman copper cooler
    Asus A8v
    2g mushkin redline
    seagate barracuda 8mb buffer 80gig uata(os on this hd)
    WD caviar 8mb buffer 80gig uata
    6800 ultra w/ arctic coling silencer
    480w antec true power psu

    some thing strange is going on with the memory:

    1g mushkin hp 1 stick<2g mushkin redline dual channel<1g mushkin hp dual

    2g mushkin redline> 1g hp 1 stick> dual cannel hp(doesn't overclock at all)

    mushkin rdline oc'd to ddr500 cpu at 2.38 250x9.5(cpu overclocks to 2.6g but its not a significant performance increase) has the same or less performance than the 1 gig mushkin dual channel unclocked! the timings are the almost the same, the hp's cas latency is 2.5 and the redline's is 3.

    now the main problem: the aquamark scores are consistent 70k unoverclocked, 74k overclocked; but the games tell the story: COD 2 works on all extra, af 4x, no aa, at 1152x864, with framerates in the mid 40s(except on the russianmaps, where it's low 30's).it works like this for maybe 20secs and then it starts stuttering and fps drops 10 fps. if played like this, it hangs up aftr 10 mins. same thing goes for farcry, fear, and bia. reason and rhyme did not prevail, as it hangs up at different frequencies, temps, and loads.

    also, asus probe shows my cpu temp at 27c idleing. my cpu usually idles at 30c- 32c. the forceware menu shows my gpu temp at 45c! that sunheard of for me! my 6800u idles at 52c! wtf is going on? room temp is 70f

    are there any registry settings that might help performance? i believe that dildows is causing all of this! puke:

    any thing will help. thank you
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