Surface with Windows RT debuts to mixed reviews, most complain about the lack of quality apps



Ok, I'm the first to say I was disappointed with the $499 price. Currently I don't own a tablet, but interested to see what would actually help me work (I don't care about Angry Birds, silly "social" apps, or Temple Run). But to say that $600 is overpriced and that others do it better is either complete ignorance or utter fanboyism. Before you continue extolling your favorite device's wonderfulness, let us delve into a fact check. Win8 Surface with Keyboard is $599 and 32GB mem, right? Using the most popular device out there with similar specs, iPad 3rd gen with 32GB and external keyboard is how much? $649. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is $549. Asus Transformer is $499. Asus Transformer only matches on the keyboard, but there are many complaints about build quality that the other tablets don't suffer from.

As for what is more capable? Some of that is opinion. Most of that is based on available apps. But for those that actually want to WORK on it will love Office with OneNote builtin a massive advantage.

That said, iPad mini, Kindle Fire, and the Nexus 7 ARE NOT IN THE SAME CATEGORY.