Surround Sound good on Low Def, Bad on High Def

By armyxii
Jan 6, 2008
  1. I am watching the football playoffs on Fox. I have Direct TV. I just hooked my old Sony Surround Sound up (STR-K750P) and everything seems right. There is only 1 problem. The low def channel sounds much better than the high def channel. I tried to compare a movie channel on high def and low def and I think they both sounded good. This leads me to believe that Fox is the problem... Has anyone ever had this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. captaincranky

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    I'm guessing .......that...

    The Sony number you posted is a stand-alone AV receiver?

    If it is, and it is as you describe "older", it's likely that it may not handle the elevated bit-rate or the new encoding strategy that the "High-Def" sound would entail.
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    what about...

    i probably bought it in 2003. I was part of an entertainment system (surround, sub, dvd). That def sounds like a reasonable explanation. Is it possible that the volume is just lower on high def and i just have to turn it up?
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    High Def...... Low Output.....

    On motherboards a different chipset is shown on boards with Blue-ray compatibility. IE; Realtec ALC888 is 8 channel "standard def" sound, Realtek ALC889A is listed as being 8 channel for Blu-ray playback.

    I'd trust my first instinct and call Direct TV, mostly because I wouldn't let them off the hook so easy. At least (if they're truthful) it will give you a place to start. It might come to pass that they can point you in the direction of a cure. I was (window-web) shopping for a receiver recently, (my Pioneer DSX-466S is pushing 10, it doesn't even have Pro-Logic 2 ), and it seems the more you spend the more you can decode.

    Anytime you have to push up gain to achieve a normal volume level, you also boost the noise threshold. Other than Fox do you have another channel with "High-Def" sound to test your Fox Theory?
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