Suspected marijuana farm turns out to be a Bitcoin mine that was stealing electricity...


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This is where I’m from and also where Peaky Blinders is set, there’s a fun fact for you.

As someone has already pointed out, at least these are ASIC miners and not GPUs, although it’s a tiny operation compared to the industrial ones in other parts of the world.

Makes you think, what’s the value of the Bitcoin they’ve been able to mine and will that cover the cost of all those seized ASICS?

They must have know the risk of them getting seized if they were stealing the power.


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"stealing" electricity? Say it ain't so. Don't we have a fundamental right to free power? Just like free healthcare? The UK has universal healthcare, why not universal power? I mean, it could be unhealthy not to have power.
Inailenable right, you say? Many power providers do have programs to assist those in need.

However, the concept that power companies should just hand over the keys to the power generation station to a bunch of a**holes for a Bitcoin mining venture, is beyond absurd It's imply ludicrous...


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I don't know about the UK but ask a person in Texas about their power bill of $35,000USD from their privatised power grid which they got charged if their power DIDN'T go out during that freak snow storm. Yeah, privatisation is SOOOOO WONDERFUL (you've got to be kidding me).

In Canada, our governmental power systems work extremely well, especially Hydro-Quebec, the largest producer of hydropower in North America and third-largest in the world. Maybe YOUR government sucks at things like that but mine sure as hell does not. Canada is overwhelmingly powered by hydropower which is clean, cheap, constant and plentiful. We also have nuclear in Ontario and New Brunswick. So yes, I DO know my government to invest in cheap, clean and plentiful sources of energy.

I'm a UK citizen by descent and I've never heard of such problems so you'll pardon me if I don't take your word at face value. It seems to me that you'd be much happier living in some neo-fascist country with no regulation on private companies whatsoever. I think that you might enjoy one of those countries. They used to be called "The Third World".

Bon Voyage!
Lot's of states have hydro power. WA state used to make good money selling hydro power to other states. It's just not common everywhere. We also invest in solar and wind power, but not everywhere.

Nuclear isn't cheap, at least not to build new. It takes years and years of legal battles to do so. And does Canada provide "free" power? Because we're not talking about cheap power, we're talking about giving it away to everyone.

I"m all for cheap power, just like I'm all for cheap healthcare. The problem is many people want it free, not just cheap.


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You are free to take as much power from the Sun as you can. Why should other people give you electricity for free? "Universal" healthcare is paid for from taxes, you want a tax for "universal" electricity on your salary? It can be done and it probably will be done in the future, you will end up being taxed for everything, even the very air you breathe. But to want free stuff without working for it, that sounds a bit too "progressive", of the hypster, neo-marxist kind ;)
You might have missed the sarcastic tone in my original post.
I meant directly, like Kal-El :) But if mister Clark ^^ up there ends up depleting the Sun, so be it.
Oh I'm saving it and storing it up my butt. LOL