Suspicious dll files/processes

By kittengod094
Feb 7, 2008
  1. i am attempting to compile a list of dll files and processes that i don't recognize. i need help and any would be appreciated.
  2. raybay

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    And so?

    The purpsoe being...

    You could have 600 pages of DLL files...

    Best to use a new download of HiJack This, and post the results...

    Unless you are in training, this info won't help you much... unless you start at the other end, with hardware and software, then find the files that work with them.
  3. kittengod094

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    here is my first list (note i'm typing from my Wii so i won't have actual logs until i can connect to dialup)(also note i'm using HJT to view these)

    smss.exe-----from system32
    services.exe-----from system32
    lsass.exe-----from system32
    spoolsv.exe-----from system32
    snmp.exe-----from system32
    UAService7.exe-----from system32
    shwiconem.exe----from eMachines Bay Reader
    ctfmon.exe-----from system32
    svchost.exe-----from system32
    ^i have many of these---stats:
    SYSTEM ----- 5272K mem use
    NET SERV ----- 4492K
    SYSTEM ----- 25504K*
    NET SERV ----- 3268K
    LOCAL SERV ----- 4612K
    SYSTEM ----- 4940K
    *the comp reboots if i end this one
    These are from task manager
    alg.exe-----LOC SERV ----- 3468K
    csrss.exe-----SYSTEM ---- 3484K
    ntdll.dll --- from system32
    user32.dll --- from ^
    NTMARTA.DLL --- from ^
    CRYPT32.DLL --- from ^
    AUTHZ.DLL --- from ^
    REGAPI.DLL --- from ^
    MSGINA.DLL --- from ^
    WINSCARD.DLL --- from ^
    WgaLogon.dll --- from ^
    CLBCATQ.DLL --- from ^
    xpsp2res.dll --- from ^

    that's all i have now. thnx
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