svchost.exe using 99% cpu

By Namrack
Apr 18, 2007
  1. When I boot up svchost.exe uses 99% of my cpu, I figured this was simply my computer loading, but now it happens during use of my computer after it has already loaded. I tried to end svchost.exe (even knowing it's essential) simply to see the result, and the desktop flickered then change to classic view and icons would disappear almost like a partial safe mode look. This also leaves me without any sound. Given that this is a critical system file, I know that the result of ending the process is normal, though what might cause the cpu usage spikes?

    My system was recently cleaned from a trojan intrusion, which info on this is found at

    When searching techspot online, I find that my problem is similar to:
    excluding the part where he states that "an error box appears saying some problems with SVCHOST and it ends the process itself." Mine doesn't end itself, but simply lowers in cpu usage after about 3 minutes of spiking. This may seem like an issue of my patience, though this happening every so often tends to not be normal.
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