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Jan 7, 2007
  1. My computer was having startup problems. When it starts it loads a lot of tasks (I do that because it has lots of RAM) so I wait for a few minutes. But today it was abnormally long and it still was loading. I opened TASK MANAGER and looked at the CPU usage it turned up SVCHOST.exe was using 99% of CPU and about 150,000-200,000 Memory usage. I kill task and everything is fine except I have no sound. So I restart the computer and this time I decide to wait it through and not to kill task. After a few minutes an error box appears saying some problems with SVCHOST and it ends the process itself. After that the computer fails to function (except for the mouse) and I restart it, but this time SVCHOST is just being used, so I have to kill it to free Memory usage. What is going on, I am sure I have no viruses I ran Norton and found nothing. I am thinking I have too many startup programs, what do you think?
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    Sounds like the sound drivers or the card, if its onbaord uninstall it and disable it in the BIOS, let windows boot up and see if the problem is still there, if its an add on card uninstall it and remove the card, same again.

    If it clears when the card is out/disabled then thats the problem, it may be a faulty driver or add on software that's causing the problem, some sound cards come with add on mixers etc, or the card itself is faulty, it may just be a junked driver, look for an updated driver and reinstall the card with the new driver.

  3. tweakboy

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    Norton is junk, get rid of it, its messing with your OS,
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    disconnect from the internet and reboot. svchost will have minimal processes
    running and you can then run your AV and hijackthis tests.
  5. Rik

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    If you wish to have a HJT log analysed then you will need to post it as an attachment in a new thread in the security and the web forum.
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    I have seen this problem with svchost.exe and it was the hard drive going belly-up. Cancelling svchost seems to make the OS process give up trying to read bad spots, and the PC seems normal, until the next bad spot.

    You can also have any of a wide variety of bugs, but your symptoms most suggest bad HD. For instance, the process ending itself, as it would after a number of read attempts. Probably the bad spot is in the sound drivers!

    Check your PC error log, and use one of the better hard drive testers, or the HD manufacturers tester.
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