svhost32.exe how to remove!!????

By Bigfatgoalie
Jan 3, 2007
  1. Please help I need to uninstall this.

    I had loads of malware and spyware and so downloaded and ran Counterspy (which I must say seems excellent!) and so most of it has gone now.

    However one activity is svhost32.exe, everytime I log onto windows Counterspy identifies this as trying to start (as I believe svhost32.exe is a startup virus/malware). SO i click remove instead of allow but when I re-boot it is still there (i just block it again).

    Does anyone know any ways to remove it permenantly or any tools etc? I'd be grateful for any help. I only have the freeware counterspy so when it runs out in a weeK i will be knackered! and prob wont to be able to reject svhost32.exe. when i reboot as Counterspy will no longer be working!

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