Swapping a Laptop CD-ROM Drive Out?

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Jul 4, 2004
  1. Does anybody know how to swap a Toshiba laptop CD Drive out in exchange for a Floppy drive. I have a Toshiba PA2611U floppy drive and a discontinued laptop (A10 series).

    I tried googling the floppy drive and the words "install a laptop floppy drive" with no useful results.
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    Toshiba usually has tear-down manuals on their website for newer laptops (which I believe yours should have one).

    I think I've worked on a A10 or two, so here's what I remember.

    You'll have to take the laptop apart to get the floppy. It isn't in a removable bay. The first thing you need to do is figure how to get the keyboard off. There's usually a plastic strip that goes along top of the keyboard you'll need to pry up with a small screw driver. It snaps off (but you'll probably need to use some force). This should open up some screws which hold the keyboard down.

    I don't remember, but many laptops also have screws which hold the keyboards down from the bottom of the laptop as well. If it looks like that keyboard isn't coming up, then those screws are probably holding in.

    Every laptop is different though and my memory is not good enough to give you specifics. But you can probably find a tear down manual in PDF format. Here is a collection of them, although I haven't tested the file so I don't know if is the right information or not:
  3. me(who else?)

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    I want to be able to swap the parts out frequently...so that won't work. The Floppydrive model I have appears to have a PCMIA connector on the back (I didn't notice because it's in a wierd case which converts the PCMIA into a smaller cable (possibly the Toshiba laptop drive connector?). However, the PCMIA connector isn't long enough to connect the whole way. Am I going to have to mod the computer so I can easily swap the dives?

    I couldn't find any teardown sheets on Toshiba.com, but I'm still checking out the .rar file.
  4. Rick

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    How about an external USB floppy drive? They cost about $30-$40 typically. It would certainly save yourself some headaches. :)
  5. me(who else?)

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    1. Too much time on my hands
    2. I'm amazinngly cheap
    3. I blew all my money on a Dremel and new computer.
    4.The one I currently have is free (see 2 + 3)

    That pretty much sums it up.

    And FYI, the rar doesn't have the tear-down for the a10s
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